A look behind the scenes: your donation makes a difference for dogs with liver shunts

13 February 2018 09:47

We've reached the first important milestone in our research into liver shunts, that terrible condition with horrific consequences. Thanks to the fantastic support of dog lovers all over the world, we've now received more than €10.000 in donations.

Dr. Frank van Steenbeek can make a start with analysing the DNA of the first eight dogs: "I hope to take an important step towards finding the genetic mutations, which cause extrahepatic portosystemic shunts. It really is a terrible condition with horrific consequences. By now I've spoken to so many owners who've lost their dogs to shunts. Every day I get to witness their tireless efforts in the fight against the condition. Owners, dogs, they all deserve a solution, and as soon as possible, too. That's what motivates me. I'm trying to create the possibility of eradicating shunts for good through the means of sensible, sustainable breeding programs. And thanks to all those fantastic donations, I'm able to take yet another step towards my ultimate goal."

Want to know how your donation is going to make a difference? Join Frank for a look behind the scenes.