About us


Our animals deserve the best of care!

As far as we're concerned, when it comes to our animals' health, welfare and specialised patient care, only the best is good enough. In the Netherlands, we're already pretty good at looking after our animals, but things could always be better. That's why we, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University, are investing in innovative research. Because once we've acquired new, and oftentimes groundbreaking knowledge, we'll be able to share with others. 

As the only Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in the Netherlands, we consider this our responsibility and we take it very seriously indeed

Why Friends of VetMed?

Every year, the national government as well as other scientific bodies spend quite a bit of money on research trying to answer questions relating to public health, the environment, technology - and, of course, animals. And yet, year after year many questions remain unanswered. Questions about animal welfare, animal health or specialized patient care. Questions to which many people would like an answer.  

We believe that all of these people - much like our animals - deserve an answer. What's more, we believe that all of these people (or organizations, companies, or equity funds) should have the chance to play their part in finding the answer to a question that's particularly important to them.

This is why we, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Utrecht University, founded the Named Fund Friends of VetMed.

Make a difference today. 

Friends of VetMed makes it possible for you to make a - the - crucial difference to animals. That's because you can choose which project (or projects) to support. Seeing that Friends of VetMed is part of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UU, we can guarantee that 100% of your contribution is paid directly to your chosen project (rather than being spent on overhead costs).

And that's what makes the real difference. To those researchers, lecturers and vets looking for answers. But in particular to all the pets, production, feral, wild or experimental animals.

We're all friends.

Coming up with the right answers, acquiring new knowledge and consequently sharing it with everyone else is not simply another journey. Most of the time, it's one big adventure! So big, in fact, it shouldn't be embarked on without the support of friends. Friends just like you. Because friends make all the difference. 

The Utrecht University Fund

Friends of VetMed was set up in 2016 as a named charitable fund in order to facilitate research or educational projects which are socially relevant and serve the general good within the fields of animal health, welfare or specialised veterinary care. Friends of VetMed is part of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and administered by the Utrecht University Fund.

In turn, the Utrecht University Fund ('UU Fund') was founded by alumni as early as 1886, making it the oldest university fund in the Netherlands. The UU Fund has always been considered a place where alumni, students and staff could come together to build a vibrant academic climate in Utrecht. To this day the UU Fund supports student activities and provides the necessary arrangements for science and education which are not covered by government funding.

The Utrecht University Fund (and therefore Friends of VetMed) is a recognised Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), and as such is exempt from any gift or inheritance taxes. This means that 100% of your donation will contribute towards the purpose specified by you.